kiconex is a system of supervision and remote control for facilities and / or equipment for air conditioning and industrial refrigeration, storing all data in the cloud.

kiconex is based of a hardware part (kiboard) and the control and supervision platform itself (kiconex).

HARDWARE (kiboard)

The hardware part consists of an electronic board (kiboard) that captures all the data from the different equipments in the installation and through wifi, 3G or a simple Ethernet network, through a router, sends them to the cloud using a VPN network.

There are two formats: OEM (inside the equipment) and STANDARD (desktop)

There are four models:

  • kiboard 2 (controls up to 7 devices)
  • kiboard 8 (controls 8 to 31 devices)
  • kiboard 32 (controls 32 to 127 devices)
  • kiboard 128 (controls 128 to 247 devices)

Each kiboard is capable of controlling up to a number of devices (2, 8, 32 and/or 128)

PLATFORM (kiconex)

The kiconex platform is the one that helps us to visualize the data collected from the different equipments of an installation, in different interfaces: desktop or laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.

The data of each variable will always be received online and you will be able to see how they change in real time. In addition, we can see them represented in different ways: as simple digits, with their respective measurement units or represented on a graph.

Depending on the features we need for our installation, we will have the following packages:

  • kiconex BASIC
  • kiconex PROFESSIONAL
  • kiconex PREMIUM

Show the kiconex screens.

  • Login (user, password)
  • Facilities/Alarms
  • Facilities
  • Graphics
  • Diagrams
  • Rules
  • Geolocation