kiconex is a system of supervision and remote control for facilities and/or equipment of air conditioning and industrial refrigeration, based on data storage in the cloud. With kiconex we can control all the elements of our installation from anywhere. The control is done at several levels:

  • Start/stop of devices
  • Changing device set points
  • Remote configuration of devices
  • Through the “rules” we can program the operation mode of the device and optimize its energy consumption.
  • With the alarms, it is possible to know the status of the installation and its devices at all times.

kiconex consists of a hardware part (kiboard) and the control and monitoring platform (kiconex).

HARDWARE (kiboard)

The hardware part consists of an electronic board (kiboard) that captures all the data from the different computers in the installation and, through an Internet connection, either using wifi, 3G or a simple Ethernet network, sends the data to the cloud through a VPN.

There are two kiboard formats:

  • OEM version: Designed to be placed inside the equipment itself. The power supply is external, through a 230 vac- 5 VDC source.
  • STANDARD version: This more robust desktop version has its own power supply, and only needs to be connected to 230 vac.

Also, each version of kiboard can have different models:

  • kiboard 2 (controls up to 2 devices)
  • kiboard 8 (controls 2 to 8 devices)
  • kiboard 32 (controls 9 to 32 devices)
  • kiboard 128 (controls 33 to 128 devices)

Finally, there are several accessories for kiconex:

  • WiFi/3G Router: With this accessory you can connect your kiboard to a 3G network independent of your installation’s Ethernet network. It will also allow you to connect your kiboard to a WiFi network, in case you prefer wireless means.
  • Electric panel: With this accessory, your kiconex will be wired inside an electrical panel along with other accessories (if any), with the connections easily accessible through a terminal block, allowing quick and easy installation.

PLATFORM (kiconex)

The data sent by the kiboard is displayed on the kiconex platform. From kiconex it is possible to manage your installation from any electronic device with Internet access, whether it is a laptop or desktop computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.

With kiconex you will have access to all the parameters of your installation; you will be able to visualize the data of the devices and interact with them, from a simple change of set point to a programmed event.

With the cloud technology, the data received will always be available online, being able to see how they change in real time. In addition, the data can be represented through graphs, and can even be downloaded for study purposes.

In order to adapt to the needs of each installation, there are different packages:

  • kiconex BASIC
  • kiconex PROFESSIONAL
  • kiconex PREMIUM

The characteristics of each are available here.

This is kiconex